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    Recruitment article


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    Recruitment article Empty Recruitment article

    Post  Lexone on Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:14 pm

    I wanted to make sure everyone was ok with the article before I post it

    Here it is:
    Hello America, we would like to invite you the the Erepublikan party. A party that's main goals are to benefit the average eAmerican. We are here for smaller government, personal responsibility , and to defend America from domestic and international threats.

    Then our logo goes here.
    Our Platform is simple. Lower taxes across the board.
    To not go bankrupt we hope to end the costly programs. There is no point in taking the tax payer money just to create a program to give those taxes back in food and moving tickets, when they can just buy it themselves!

    The current military is great but highly expensive. We hope to not cut their budget, but actually cap how many members can be in the military. Why you may ask?
    Well the commune system only supplies about 10-15% of the soldiers daily supply. The rest of it comes from taxes. Lets say everyone was in usaf, there would be no money to feed the soldiers without the tax payers. So the only way to lower taxes would be to cap the amount of players in usaf. Also, militias should only be funded to defend the nation. Once America is free, we should cut funding for them until we need them again.

    Another thing to cap is our alliances. Sure some of our allies are extremely loyal and powerful, but lets face it not all of them are. Lets keep the most loyal and best, and say sorry to the rest.

    Finally none of this is possible without you. One of our party's main goal is to get into top 5 parties of America. We need to get there before we can accomplish our goals.
    For the greater good of America join now!

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    Post  allen_webster on Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:01 pm

    sounds good. cheers

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